General Gallery & Events:

  • Dishcloths and Kitchen towels
  • Television/DVD combo
  • New Deal & Depression Era Books
  • Short bookshelf
  • Bench with cushion

For Arts Underground Ceramics:

  • Cotton Aprons
  • Garden hose with spray nozzle
  • Ceramic glazes and under-glazes
  • Clay tools
  • Miscellaneous scrapers and putty knives
  • Measuring tools including squares and rulers
  • Heavy duty canvas, various sizes
  • Corded power drill
  • Wooden rolling pins

For Arts Underground Painting and Drawing:

  • Easels
  • Drop cloths
  • Paints: watercolor, acrylic and water-soluble oils
  • Paint brushes of all kinds
  • Kneaded erasers and Blending sticks
  • Clean rags
  • Old containers to be water dishes
  • Palettes: large postcard to coffee-table book size, non-absorbent scrap materials
  • Large format paper
  • Drawing boards
  • Measuring tools including squares, rulers and compasses
  • Illustration board, canvas board and stretched canvas’ of all sizes
  • Old comfy furniture
  • Stools