Teach at Livingston Arts

Livingston Arts invites teaching artists and those experienced in an art form or craft to apply. Both an Instructor Application and Course Application are required.

Please read before completing applications. Courses is used loosely to describe a wide variety of programs.

  • Courses may be one-time events or spread out over several days, weeks or months. Livingston Arts Center is open Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays Noon-4pm,  Thursdays Noon-7:30pm and Saturdays 11-3 pm. Courses must be scheduled on these days and end at least 15 minutes prior to building close. For weekly afternoon classes, exceptions may be made but time of class needs approval of arts center staff.
  • Most space is on the second floor. There is no elevator. There is very limited availability of first floor fully accessible space. Livingston Arts provides publicity, registration, payment processing, space and facility management.
  • Instructors are considered employees of Livingston Arts.  Instructors will be paid fee agreed upon as stipulated in a separate employment contract.
  • Instructors must complete and submit an instructor application, resume and references, and a course application for each proposed course by dates established in order to allow Livingston Arts adequate planning, publicity and registration time. Teachers are strongly encouraged to participate in publicity of classes. Applications are accepted on a first come/first served basis and are subject to reference checks and approval.
  • For courses starting January, February or March: deadline is October 20; if starting in April, May or June: deadline is January 20; if starting in July, August or September: deadline is April 20; if starting in October, November or December: deadline is July 20.
  • Livingston Arts is generally closed during major holidays such as Christmas, New Year’s, Easter, Independence Day, etc.
  • Instructors should be aware that Livingston Arts members are entitled to first registration opportunity for any courses, which is the first two weeks that registration is open.
  • We welcome and encourage instructors to promote an approved course; in which case, instructors must publicize this information: The course will be held at Livingston Arts, 4 Murray Hill Drive, Mount Morris NY 14510. To register, visit livingstonarts.org or call 585.243.6785.
  • If a course is approved, please arrange an appointment prior to class start to visit arts center and select most appropriate room with Livingston Arts staff.
  • Livingston Arts is a Livingston County building. Smoking is not allowed in the building or on the grounds, including the entire Murray Hill campus.
  • Parking: Instructors and registrants should use the fully accessible entrance from the parking lot immediately behind our building (highly recommended for everyone) or the center front entrance of Building 4. To reach this rear parking lot, follow the signs “Parking for Livingston Arts Center/Building 4 and County Historian/Building 5” and enter the one way lane immediately before Building 3. This takes you through the parking area behind Building 3 to the parking lot for Building 4 and eventually Building 5, the County Historian’s office. This is a one-way, single lane road. Please drive slowly and with caution. Parking is free. Speed limit on the Campus is 15mph.
  • In the event Livingston Arts must close, due to bad weather for example, we will notify instructors by phone, post a message on the our voice mail, and contact WHAM 1180AM radio and WHAM TV-13.