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Learn About Letchworth Lecture Series! @ Humphrey Nature Center
Aug 23 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Learn About Letchworth Lecture Series! @ Humphrey Nature Center | Castile | New York | United States

Learn About Letchworth Series 2017

Letchworth State Park – Humphrey’s Nature Center

Wednesday Evenings at 7:00 PM

In and Around the Genesee River

July 5h “Life in the Lands of Letchworth – Living along the Genesee in the 19th Century”

What was life like on the Gardeau Reservation?  What was it like to be a pioneer at the Middle Falls, a citizen of the vanished villages of St. Helena and Gibsonville, or to live along the gorge in the 1800’s?  What was life like on Mr. Letchworth’s Glen Iris Estate? Join Historian Tom Cook as he uses a variety of photographs, maps, documents, diaries and stories to explore this important part of Letchworth Park’s History.

July 12th “Erie Canal Sal” Humorous, entertaining & informative characterization

A fictitious character based, in part, on Old Black Nell who was a cook on the canal in the year 1840.  She speaks in an Irish brogue and weaves Irish Folk Tales into facts about the Erie Canal.  You will laugh as you learn about one of the engineering wonders of the world.  Performed by: Gretchen Murray Sepik

July 19th    “Secrets of the Mount Morris Dam”

Many people know the basic history and significance of the Mount Morris Dam, but Steve will describe some information known only to a few ‘dam’ experts. Come learn more about the engineering wonder on the north end of the Letchworth Gorge.  Presenter: Steve Winslow, Manager of the Mount Morris Dam and Recreation Area for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  

July 26th   “The Geological Wonder That Is Letchworth State Park”

Regional author Arch Merrill wrote that Letchworth Park is the place where Nature touches the Genesee with a magic wand and like Cinderella; the river leaves behind its ordinary garb and dons robes of dazzling splendor.  We’ll look at this beautiful and awe-inspiring part of the Genesee Valley – how this geological wonder came to be along with some of the various changes to the area over time that involve the land, the river, and more recently man.  Presenter: Jim Pomeroy – a retired teacher of science and fish biologist for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

August 2nd “Center for Environmental Initiatives on River Health”

Presenter:  George Thomas, Executive Director, Center for Environmental Initiatives will discuss how the Genesee RiverWatch works to improve the water quality of the Genesee River and its tributaries to create environmental, recreational and economic assets for its communities. We will also discuss how we connect people to the river, encouraging them to explore, experience and celebrate the river. Link:

August 9th    “Boom and Bust: America’s Journey on the Erie Canal” – Produced by Steve Zeitlin and Daniel F. Ward, Directed by Paul Wagner.

This contemporary film explores the macro-economics of industrial expansion and decline along the Erie Canal, and its current rebirth as a major tourism asset for New York State.  Featuring interviews and oral histories of canal-related workers in steel, grain, textiles and shipping, the film highlights the impact of the canal in their everyday livesPresenter: Dr. Daniel F. Ward.

August 16th “Explorations of Letchworth State Park Through the Lens of a Camera”

Keith Walters – Photographer will be discussing his extensive exploration of Letchworth State Park through the lens of his camera. He will discuss his craft as well as his time photographing the Genesee River and the many tributaries that feed into the river

August 23rd “The Historical Significance of the Genesee River Presenter:  Professor Derek Maxfiled from Genesee Community College will be discussing how the Genesee River has not only historically effectively impacted our region socially, economically and technologically, but the lasting impact as well.